Licensing Wants So Urgent They Need Their Own Post

  • There are two anime films hanging out in the open right now, and both of them are probably amazing. Both are Bandai, and as we all know, Bandai in the US is dead.

    These films are: "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and "5 Centimeters Per Second".

    Why: "Time" is directed by Mamoru Hosada. Wanna know what else he directed? Wolf Children and Summer Wars, both successes for FUNi. Think of the profit. "Second" might not be as popular, but it'll still gain some profit.

    Now you may be asking 'Why do you want them so urgently?" Well… Wolf Children is one of my favorite movies of all time. "Time" might be on that list as well. "Second" just looks nice.

    Come on FUNi. Do it for the fans! :(

    So yeah, mini post finished. So tell me, do you think these will be successes? If so, do you want them as much as I do?

  • As for 5 cm per second, I think crunchy roll is the current holder, or is in a distribution agreement. I bought a copy a year ago or so.

    If bandai still owns the license for TGWLTT, it may be some time before you see it again. A copy can be found pretty easily. Bluray copy is another story.

    Have you seen either, it sounds as though you haven't.
    Wolf children is good, but I like leapt thru time better. Summer wars is just fun.

    5 cm per second takes a little thought to realize what you are watching. It is a trilogy of related stories.
    I think makoto Shinkai's latest "garden of words" is better.

  • As far as I know TGWLTT copies are hard to come by and pretty expensive. A new license would be nice but like you said it will probably be a while.

  • I seen the blueray pop up for TGWLTT on rightstuff like 3 or 4 times last year and tried to order it, but it was gone before I could get one of them in my cart. I see theres some up on amazon and been hesistant to get it. Ive had nothing but problems with amazon from shipping, to getting wrong item, being over charged, etc. So ive been trying to holdoff and see if funi will pick it up and do a rerelease for a cheaper buck. $157 is alot of money for just a 1 /2 hour film, its like paying $1.75 a minute to watch, lol. Thats worse then aniplexs pricing.

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