Do like Netflix

  • I'm sure this may have been asked but why not start doing like Netflix and start picking up anime's and producing original show and continuing older show that were not well received in Japan but liked in the US…Oh and while you guys are at it could you guys Possibly by the Robotech franchise and actually do something with it.

  • they don't have the money needed for such an extremely expensive endeavor. even if they did, that would never happen

    they only way they could get robotech is if Harmony Gold willingly let the license expire and then were allowed to bid for it after the rights reverted back to whomever in Japan owns the franchise

  • They could do a joint venture with netflix! Netflix streams them and funimation sells the hard copy. Those are always good. Netflix already got Knights of sidonia up for streaming with a english dub and theres zero plans to put out a bluray or dvd. It will be a huge waste of animes, if netflix keeps streaming with a english dub and it never gets a hard copy release.

  • I don't know who owns the rights for Knights of Sidonia, but I'm pretty sure it's not Funimation.

    Edit: I just checked, and it looks like Netflix has EXCLUSIVE rights to KoS.

  • @paige62182:

    Edit: I just checked, and it looks like Netflix has EXCLUSIVE rights to KoS.

    Netflix I think has just streaming rights. I guess hard copy rights are different. All I know is that was the answer I recieved from netflix management that told me over the phone as I asked them when and where I could possibly buy the bluray dub at in the future.

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