Reading manga.

  • I haven't really delved into the realm of manga, though I have tried to read a few manga-style web comics. I have a really hard time overriding my brain's need to read everything from left to right, so I struggle with making sense of what's actually happening. I would love to get more out of some of my favorite anime by reading the manga. Is there any trick or shortcut to getting my brain on board? I feel kind of stupid because I can't rewire my brain. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • To be honest, I'm not sure if there's a trick to appreciating manga, but I do tend to give the characters my own voices in my head, even if I've heard them in the anime. This is much like a book, where you can imagine your own voices, settings, etc. As for reading the opposite way from western comics, I still sometimes forget that, even though I read a lot of manga.

    I suppose, as a basic requirement, it's better to come to the manga with no preconceptions or hopes based on the anime. It's easier to appreciate it on its own merits this way. As an example, I quite enjoyed the anime 'Another', but was slightly let down by the manga, because I forgot to check my preconceptions at the door.

  • Agreed! I've found that to be the case for anything that has been adapted from a print format to a movie/TV format. Tons of people I know are extremely upset about The Hobbit movies, but I've really enjoyed them, because I didn't have any expectations.

  • I had the same problem at first but it does get much easier with time. Try starting with a manga of an anime you've already seen so you have a general idea of how things go. Maybe something with more action and less words would be good too. And just read slowly.

  • Thanks! I'll try that. I'll probably start with FullMetal Alchemist then. It's the anime I've watched the most.

  • first manga I really got into was love hina and I also recommend Mr osamu tezuka's work classic stuff. You'll get used to it just practice maybe it helped that I grew up reading the tokyopop manga that always reminded me how to read manga once I got used to it I had to remember how to read western books lol. Also makes jumping to reading japanese books easier to

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