You know i'd be happy if support would contact me

  • went through about 3 days without being logged in and it's been a week and a half.
    at this point i'd have to say you're close to [offensive remark deleted] paying for this [expletive deleted]. i had to solve the issue myself and resubmit card info which if you guys double charge me once i'll [idle threat deleted]… now somebody please do your [expletive deleted] job or stop [expletive deleted] charging for no ads…

  • I understand why you may be upset. However, it is completely against the forum's terms of service for you to post threats, offensive remarks, and vulgar language on these forums. If you have a complaint, you are free to present it, however you should address it in a civil, respectful manner.

    This topic is now closed.

  • I am showing that you placed three tickets with technical support on September 20, 21, 22, respectively. Although our support team was working overtime that weekend to handle the tickets caused by this issue:, we typically do not provide support on the weekend.

    On September 22nd, we believed we had resolved your issue and sent you an e-mail to your reported e-mail address asking if your issues had been resolved as a part of our resolution to the 9/20 issues.

    We had not heard from you at technical support since.

    Your next confirmed contact with us was today.

    I have sent you an e-mail that should resolve your issue. Please respond to that e-mail if you are still experiencing any issues, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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