I Want to Try Weekly Shonen Jump, But…

  • So, weekly digital manga…sounds awesome! I totally want to be part of it, but I have one problem: many of the series in the jump are already multiple chapters in. Do you guys think it would still be cool to start reading the current Shonen Jump, even if I'm starting a ton of manga in mid-story? For example, Naruto's chapters are already in the hundreds, and I've never even read ANY of it, so is Jump still worth reading, as a fan of anime and manga, even though I'm starting multiple manga in mid-story, and could possibly spoil some key stuff for past volumes? The thing is (especially with long-running comic books), is that you can't really start from Issue 1 and then read issue by issue. You pick up the most recent issue of the comic book when you are first introduced to it, and you become a fan from there-on, even though you're starting mid-story. Can the same be applied to anime and manga, and should I apply that to Shonen Jump, if I decide to subscribe? I mean, there's never actually perfect time to jump into a weekly jump: there's always going to be manga that's mid-story, no matter how long you wait, so I can't just keep waiting: I need to jump in at some point.

    So, following up on everything written above, I'm wondering if you guys recommend catching up on these series beforehand, or just diving right in. My only problem with playing catch-up is with manga like One Piece (self-explanitory :P), in which I'm ALSO currently in the middle of watching, but I'm only on ep. 64. So, would starting to read the manga, which is all brand-new stuff that I won't touch in the anime for ages, ruin the experience I would have reading previous volumes, or even episodes of the anime that I haven't watched yet?

    The main question is, with all this to say, should I even bother buying/reading Weekly Shonen Jump? Sure, call me new to all this if you want: I've actually never seriously checked out manga before, so this would be a first. I'm not sure how to handle anime and manga at the same time, especially with series that take part in both mediums. For example, watching the story play out in the anime is really awesome, even though the manga releases the story earlier. Do you guys prefer watching the stories first in anime, or manga form? I'd like to hear what others think about this kind of stuff. I'd also like to know how you guys treat spoilers, and what your opinions are on reading/watching spoilers. Consider this a bit of a dicussion of various opinions and preferences, but remember the main question too. Thanks! :)

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