Unable to Find FUNimation App on Xbox - RESOLVED

  • We are aware of an issue where the FUNimation app is not showing up in the Search for users. It is, however, showing up in the Browse section. We are working to correct this issue at this time.

    We are investigating a separate issue where the app is not showing up in the Browse section, either, for a small group of users.

    Please follow this thread for updates to this issue as we receive them. Thanks!


    As I have not heard back from anyone who is unable to locate the app at this time, I am closing this thread and calling this issue resolved.

    If you are still having any difficulties, please make a new support ticket. Thanks!

  • We believe we have resolved this issue and the Xbox App should be available for all users at this time.

    If this is not the case, could you please comment to this thread, so we know you are still having difficulty?

    I'll only need about 4-5 people to comment if they still can't find the app– we won't be able to troubleshoot with you, we just need to know if the issue is still an issue. If you are still unable to find the app, please indicate how you were searching for the app, and whether you are currently residing in the US, or Canada.


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