Rock the dragon style box sets?

  • Everyone is wanting dragon boxes of GT and good oh original DB but some want them and dbz released as Blu-ray and that's when it hit me. What if Funimation just released them but in the style of rock the dragon!! The dragon edition covers basically what season 1 blu ray does yet look at the difference in quality and packaging and dragon got a booklet. Basically that would be like a "season one set" but Blu-ray and of course Funi dub and Japanese tracks. Funimation releasing these small Blu-rays cropped and with no booklets makes it look like they put big boxes and a huge booklet type of release behind them but then look at Rock The Dragon with a big package and original ratio and a booklet!!! Funimation could even label them 'The Funimation Boxes" or something and these release would not be technically Dragon Boxes so Toei animation couldn't gripe like they did over us wanting the dbz dragon box. Funimation releasing the Rock The Dragon set shows they still can release big sets in original quality and with booklets which sounds just like the dragon boxes doesn't It? Thoughts?

  • yes FUNi has the power to do that but it cost money. I think the incomplete levels was the best we will see out of FUNi in a long time. Hopefully these Blu-Ray's funded a better release but for now DBZ can wait give DB a try. I'm down for more Dragon Boxes.

  • Yeah I would prefer they just released the rest of the dragon boxes too.

  • I hope they just start with DB and GT first. Because I want those on blu-ray. I agree that Dragon Box style would be cool, but for me it's secondary! Although I do hate that this blu-ray release of DBZ is cropped!

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