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  • I'm new here. I've been watching anime for years now, and most of the people I know IRL aren't into it. I've never had anyone with whom I can discuss my enjoyment of anime, so I thought I'd give these forums a try. Maybe I can pick up some new series while I'm at it!

    I love Funimation, not only because they produce some of my favorite dubbed anime, but also because they're local. I live in Texas, so I like to support my local businesses.

    I admit, I'm a total newbie to the anime fan-world. I've been reading some of the threads here, and I'm finding all sorts of unfamiliar terms. Can someone point me to a good anime fan decoder?

  • Welcome to the site/forums paige62382. Your in a good place to talk some anime. Hope you enjoy posting with us. Got any question just ask away and someone is bound to know the answer. ;)

  • it's a pleasure to meet you, paige, welcome to the forums; I too am a new arrival. My friends in real life don't watch anime, so I can understand the disappointment not being to talk about this guilty pleasure. You mentioned being new to anime in general, what sort of information is it that you seek?

  • Hi Paige. Welcome to the forums. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with. :)

  • Not so much new to anime itself. Just new to the fandom experience. There seems to be a language all its own involved in anime fandom, and I'm not really familiar with it. I know that "yaoi" means homosexual, and I believe that "bishounen" means pretty boys. I thought that "hentai" referred to tentacle porn, but I also sometimes see it used to refer to any overtly sexual or pornographic anime. "Otaku" means hard core anime fan, right? All these new words I need to learn!

  • Hentai is porn. It does include tentacles, but it also encompasses normal things like regular sex

  • "yaoi" is the guy x guy homosexuality of the "Hentai" aka porn area of anime. "Yuri" is the girl x girl side of it. "Otaku" is actually not really a positive term in japan. Its more of a put down. But we've turned it around in somewhat in our society. Rather than being a negative word some of us if not most of us use it as a way to express our love for anime, manga, games, etc.

  • Thank you for explaining!

  • Welcome to the forums; hope that you post a lot around here.

    Here is a site with lots of anime lexicon definitions.

    If you are interested, don't forget to check out the link in my sig about requesting the FUNimation Channel.

  • Hey Paige, Welcome to the forums.

  • Thanks for the welcome!

    Is there any kind of code of conduct or guidelines for behavior around here? I've been part of some forums who were adamant about being a family friendly board, and prohibit any kind of strong language. I'm kind of a potty mouth, so I don't want to violate any policies. I've read the FAQ, but there is not anything about acceptable behavior.

    I've been browsing the show forums, and I don't see much discussion of the shows themselves. There's lots of Voice actor complaints/accolades, news about upcoming releases, and newbie/trolls (sometimes it's hard to tell the difference) saying, "OMG when is Season X of XYZ show coming out?!" Do we not discuss storylines in-depth or what we like or don't like about the show? Am I not looking in the right place?

  • I'll let the mods say more about general rules, but you shouldn't use very strong language on the forums. Anything above PG-13 is unacceptable. If you have to think to yourself "hm, I wonder if this counts?" don't say it. :)

    That said, we would LOVE some more show discussion in the individual show forums! Just warn for spoilers in the title if you know there's going to be lots, or spoiler tag your spoilers. Just common courtesy, etc.

    Have fun! We're excited to have you!

  • Here you go, Paige. FUNi's Terms of Service:

    Basically, five main rules:

    1. Don't insult or be mean to people.

    2. Don't post any naked or gruesome pictures.

    3. Don't link to illegal sites.

    4. Don't use the F-word.

    5. Have fun. :)

    Also, not an official rule, but one to remember: PLEASE don't ask for future seasons of anime. I've explained everything pertaining to that one right here:

  • The only one I might have trouble with is number 4. :P

    I'm aware of the future seasons drama. Funimation doesn't MAKE anime. It just buys the English language rights, so it can provide English language entertainment for us.

  • If I can do it, anyone can. ;)

  • Spoiler question:

    Is there a special coding for hiding spoilers on this board? Is putting a note in a new thread subject sufficient warning? (ie. putting this after the subject: SPOILERS)

  • @paige62182:

    Spoiler question:

    Is there a special coding for hiding spoilers on this board? Is putting a note in a new thread subject sufficient warning? (ie. putting this after the subject: SPOILERS)

    I believe this is what you looking for >>>!

  • You're awesome! Thanks!

    Some boards I'm on don't have the codes, you just change the font color and hope no one's using a special skin.

  • hey i'm new

  • Hi:. I'm new to the forum, but not anime or Funimation. Love cosplay, dancing, martial arts and all sorts of anime and manga

  • Hello, and welcome! I look forward to reading your posts here!

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