Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV)

  • There's a Fate/Zero thread, but I felt it would be nice to have a separate one for the new UBW anime. For newcomers, this adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works is (or at least should hopefully be) understandable even if you haven't seen Fate/Zero or the original Fate/stay night anime.

    ufotable's done it again. That same rush I felt watching Zero is back full force here.

    The visuals are stunning (that fight scene between Archer and Lancer!) and the chemistry between Rin and Archer is fantastic. I kind of wish it would stick with Rin's point of view just to get more of them together, but alas.

  • Ok, I think im getting a little lost on what type of anime this is and since I dont plan to ever watch the simucast I figured I would just ask my questions here.
    1.) Is this supposed to be a movie or a series? I heard people say its a movie, but then I heard talk of it being a series on aniplexs facebook page (aniplex seems to be releasing episodes, so seems like a series). I have the Unlimited blade works that I believe sentai released on bluray, but never got around to watching it yet and I think that is a movie.
    2.) If its a series how many episodes are there?
    3.) Now is this the 5th war? Im getting lost cause they seem to not know how to keep the story moving in 1 linear direction of time.
    4.) Definitly not a manga reader here, but I think this is a manga question. Did they ever do a holy war 1 and 2?
    5.) Do you know if there are any rumors about them release wars 1 and 2 ?

    Answer whatever you can please, Some questions may not be feesible at this point in time or at all. But I will take what I can get cause im a huge fab of the Fate series!

    1. There are multiple anime for the Fate universe. Studio Deen is responsible for that UBW movie you bought from Sentai. They also made the original Fate/stay night anime series. ufotable is handling production of the anime now. They made Fate/Zero, which acts as a prequel to the events of the Fate/stay night story. Right now, they are making Unlimited Blade Works as a TV series. No word on episode count yet, but probably around 24-26 like Zero and will likely be much much better than the previous movie version (haven't seen it yet, going on comments from Type-Moon fans). I'd probably hold off on watching that movie until after seeing this version of UBW, just to avoid spoilers in a condensed form. They will also be making a Heaven's Feel movie at some point.

    Fate/stay night is based on a visual novel that has 3 main "routes": Fate, UBW, and Heaven's Feel. View them as parallel universes.

    1. Probably 2 cours (24-26 episodes). Wikipedia says 26, but could be inaccurate.

    2. This is the 5th War (each route is the 5th War, just different versions of events, again parallel universes). Fate/Zero covers the 4th.

    3. No. Don't worry about what happened before. Even Fate/Zero isn't necessary viewing to understand the events in the Fate/stay night routes, though it has been referenced a couple of times in this new series.

    4. No.

    I'm not extremely well-versed in the Fate universe, so if somebody sees that I got something wrong, please do correct me!

  • it's a split cour show. the second half will air in the Spring

  • Good to know! Thanks for the quick info!

  • @Firefly: Your answers to the cloudkicker 5 questions are correct.

    Just to elaborate a little bit.

    The first route focuses mainly on Shirou and Saber.

    While Unlimited Blade Works focuses mainly on Tohsaka Rin and Archer.

    (Note: Also, these episodes will coincide with the Visual Novel of this route more so than the movie did. By the end of this series you will learn why Archer didn't reveal his true name to Rin upon being summoned.)

    Next, Heaven Feel focuses mainly on Matou Sakura.

    (Side Note: Though some people will say that Fate/Zero (F/Z) anime series isn't necessary to watch to fully understand Fate/Stay Night (FS/N) or FS/N: Unlimited Blade Works anime series, I do recommend watching the series if you want to know what happens in each Grail War in order. Also, you will get more insight as to why some characters act the way they do in the 5th Grail War and their relationship to each other.)

  • Ok. I think I see something is wrong at the end of the answer 3 . Fate zero cant be the 4th war, because Im pretty sure fate stay night was the 4th war. So Fate zero should be the 3rd war. Correct me if im wrong.

    I dont believe you answered the question I asked for question 4 at all. Im asking if in the manga did they ever do a war 1 and 2. I do get and understand that you can watch the wars and still have a good time and maybe not need the other 2 wars to still enjoy the show. I know this is my personal opinion, but I do believe you need to know what happened in 1 and 2. Couple of questions that need to be answered that may slip everyone elses mind.
    1. ) How did the war get started?
    2. ) Did someone recuirt the battlers or what and how where they chosen?
    3.) How are they able to gather on to 1 lineal time event?
    4.) Is someone or something able to munipulate time to make the event occur?
    5.) Where do they go between the war time frames?
    6.) Is the place they battle a different world from each of all thiers?

    Maybe im reading to much into it, because im a fan. But those seem like some pretty important questions to know what the heck is going on, if you ask me, in my opinon! Maybe the manga answered those questions and im left out of the loop or not!

  • The Fate/stay night series is adapted from a visual novel, not a manga

    Fate/Zero is adapted from a light novel, not a manga

  • It is the 5th War for Fate/stay night (and UBW and Heaven's Feel) and 4th for Zero. You can check on the wiki.

    Info on the Holy Grail War: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Holy_Grail_War From the few sources linked it looks like a lot of it is explained more in guide/fan books, so if those questions are eating at you, it's best to just spend some time reading the wiki. There are many manga adaptations of the VN and other games, but the earliest time covered appears to be the end of the 3rd War.

  • Firefly, I just looked at the info on the fate zero box again and your right. This is what I get for trying to go from my chitty memory of fate stay night and is also the reason why I dont bother to read much. Thank You for the link, I think will give it a read over, but dont be surprised, if later on im back here and still plagued by the same dam questions.

    Riles, A light novel and a manga sound like about the same thing to me. Both are items for reading.

  • @cloudkicker:

    A light novel and a manga sound like about the same thing to me.

    Light novel- words with pictures

    manga=comic book- pictures with words


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