3rd season of Spice and Wolf!

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    We the Spice and Wolf community demand a Season 3! Sales have been excellent throughout the world, and the popularity is massive. Spice and Wolf is the one anime that has changed our lives. It is the only anime that touches our hearts in a special way. Spice and Wolf contains elements of romance, adventure, and comedy. We the community can say that cutting off the storyline short at Season 2 will not suffice! We demand a Season 3!
    [Robby Burns]

    Best anime I watched so far… We really need season 3 of Spice and Wolf and we WILL get it if we do something about it. Go and sign this petition, there are only about 3000 signatures left out of 14000. We really might as well have the season 3 after all. :)

    EDIT: Please do not post links to petitions. -SH

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    You might want to read this here to find out that FUNimation was not involved in the production of Spice and Wolf and has no say in its continuation.

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    As JLAking explained above, FUNimation has absolutely no control over the production of a third season of Spice and Wolf. FUNimation does not make anime, they only license it. If a third season was to be created, it would be up to the production companies in Japan to make it. And considering that it's been quite a few years since season 2 aired, the possibilities of a third season after all this time are very unlikely.

    Also, petitions for anime do not work, have never worked, and more than likely never will work. So please do not post links to them here on the forums.

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