One Piece 391+ missing 1080P

  • Again, title says it all. Why can I only view these episodes in sub HD 720P? I know 1080P exists for these episodes according to when they first started airing Full HD which dates back to episode 337. You guys went from 1080P back to 720P and I'm just confused as all get out.

    Edit: I just checked and apparently 391-649 are all missing 1080P? What the f***?

  • So, I guess no Funi staff wants to chime in? I don't think this is worthy of a ticket, but come on. 423-650 are all missing HD altogether. There's only SD for 423-650 while 720 is available for 391-422…did you guys forget to put these resolutions in?...Or is it just straight up laziness?

  • It's possible that they might not have the license for the HD video streams. Such weird exclusions do happen from time to time.

    Not to mention that Toei is one of the more finicky companies to work with when it comes to licensing their properties.

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