Selector spread, not selector infected, WIXOSS

  • Funi, you bein' funny, or what? Even though you have the correct title for the show selector spread WIXOSS in the banner on that page at - you still have it listed as selector infected WIXOSS. Which it's not; it is selector infected WIXOSS Season 2, maybe, if you want to be terribly casual and horribly loosey-goosey and incredibly unprofessional about things, but I get the distinct feeling that isn't how Funimation wants to be perceived - which is exactly why I came to this forum today in the first place.

    In the first episode of selector spread WIXOSS, at 15:05, SOMEONE responsible for Funimation's subtitle proofreading failed, utterly:

    "And I have know I idea what you're talking about." BUZZ!! WRONG.

    "…and I have no idea what you're talking about." BING!! CORRECT.

  • I've brought both of these issues to the attention of the correct departments.

    Any subtitling issues with this episode will be corrected shortly.

    Thanks for bringing these things to our attention!

  • no problem, as I said, I had the feeling you'd want to know…thank YOU for being so quick on the uptake.

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