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  • This was originally a thread about the 9/20 delays in support, however, since it ended up being used to talk about the more recent support delays (my bad, should have closed it and left the other one open) I'm co-opting my own post for that. :)

    There is currently a delay across all channels of support. Due to the nature and structure of our support teams, this delay may mean some issues are dealt with quite quickly and others take more time. However, for each type of issue, please rest assured that your issue is being handled in the order it was received.

    We currently anticipate a 3-5 day average turn-around time, though some issues may take longer. We apologize for the delay and hope to be back down in normal operating support times, soon.

    If you have NOT already made a ticket about your issue, please do so at this time. If you HAVE already made a ticket about your issue and it has been more than 4 business days since you have heard from support, please let me know by replying to this thread.

    Please do not make additional tickets if you have already made a ticket at this time, unless instructed to do so by support. Thank you for your cooperation and your patience!

  • I preordered high school dxd new and accidently set my zip code as 44047 instead of 44057, email- order number 562-190066

  • I have sent two support tickets. And have not heard back from anyone? I tried to sign up for the 14 day trial and was billed on Saturday 10/18. I still have no subscription access.

  • @aarbearv - I can confirm that your tickets are in the correct place and are set for resolution. However, I am unable to assist with physical product related issues. I will see if I can find any information about your issue, but it looks like you're in queue to be resolved and it's just been delayed.

    @kevins6811- I'm showing that you have now been contacted by our billing department as of earlier today. Please direct further inquires about this issue through the e-mail you received for the fastest service. Please let me know, however, if you have not received the e-mail that was sent. Thank you for your patience.

  • Cj, I opened a billing ticket 8 business days ago, can you confirm for me, that its still at least in queue ?

  • @The_Hatta - It does look like it's in the correct place. I'm also about to send you a PM with (potentially) some more information on your issue.

  • @aarbearv - You should have received mail at this time from our product support department. Please let me know if you have not received the e-mail and I will be happy to PM you the information that they sent you. Thanks!

  • I sent a support ticket on Oct 16, which did get answered right away but it didnt fix my problem. I tried responding to the email, but got no answer. A couple days later, I sent another support ticket (which had more details of my problem and this time sent to the right place), but still havent gotten any response for about 9 days

  • @PublicEnemy333 - Sorry about the delay– I've sent you the next stage of information about your issue via e-mail. Please respond to the e-mail with further requested information. Let me know if you don't hear back within 48 hours of your response and I'll make sure it gets looked at.

  • its been about 2 days, still no word yet

    Thanks for your help :)

  • Hi I sent a screening request some weeks back and have not heard any thing back my name Nathan Bisbo Email is .

    EDIT: It's never a good idea to post your personal email address on the forums. Try sending CJ and Sophie a support ticket instead. -SH

  • Hello I sent in a huge order a week and half ago. I have heard nothing back from them on anything. No reply from when I called and left my info. My paypal still says pending on the order. I just want some info or any signs of life from Funimation. I want to buy more but until this is all fixed I have to wait.

  • Hello,
    Tried asking the questions on the funimation facebook page and got no reply, so then I put a trouble ticket in (Oct 29) about the questions on your broadcast dubs and recieved no reply back yet. Are you guys still backed up or am I not even in the qued? Would appreciate a response back so I know what Im doing! Please and thank you

  • Sorry for the delay, guys– we're getting close to getting back down into normal support times for most issues at this point, but that's meant more time doing that and less time on the forums. ^_^ Thanks for your patience!

    @PublicEnemy333 - we're currently investigating this issue in more depth. You should receive some more information about your issue tomorrow at the latest. Please let me know if the issue mysteriously clears up between now and then. :)

    @Nate123 - I was unable to find a ticket with your screening request under the e-mail address located in your profile. Please let me know via PM if you have an additional e-mail address that you would like me to look up. If you e-mailed our screening department directly, I will not be able to provide you with any additional information about your request directly, however if you'll confirm what address you e-mailed from, I can "poke" them about your e-mail request.

    @thebigblue44 - I'm showing your ticket as closed. Did you receive a response after making this post? If not, I'll be happy to further investigate for you.

    @cloudkicker - You'll have to wait to get a response back from our Feedback department on that one. It's also possible you might get some insight for these questions just by posting them on the forums. Although we may or may not be able to give official answers to them, other forum members might have figured some things out. ;)

  • No I have not seen anything from anyone. So please let me know something thank you.

  • Still haven't heard anything, and the problem is persisting

  • No elite access for 6 months, five support request (most recent 10/21, 11/6). No replies, no resolution.
    user cfi

  • @PublicEnemy333 - You should now have mail. However, it looks like we're still investigating this issue– you've been placed on a list to receive more information about this issue when we have more information to report. In addition, we have created a new thread for public updates about this issue. Please follow that thread for ongoing updates if there are any:

  • @cfi - I'm looking further into your issue. I'm showing that e-mails have been sent, but they were from another department (billing), so I don't know the content. I'll check in with billing and get back to you.

    (Also, your most recent requests through the ticketing system were 10/26 and afternoon of 11/7, not 11/6, unless you have been contacting us through a third e-mail address.)

  • @thebigblue44 - I'm also having billing support look into your issue. I'll get you more information as soon as possible!

  • @cfi - I have had billing resend their most recent e-mail to you. Please reply to that e-mail if you have further questions or concerns. If you do not receive an e-mail in the next 1-2 hours please let me know and I'll PM you the information. I can't assist directly with your issue, but if I need to ferry information because our e-mails aren't reaching you, I'll be happy to.

    @thebigblue44 - It looks like we sent you a message on 10/28, however I have PMed you with more information about your issue. Please follow the instructions in that PM if you have any further questions or concerns. Thanks!

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