Technical problem with "Deadman Wonderland"…??

  • The show plays fine and everything looks great until the scene in Cell Block G, then suddenly everything is way too dark. I mean like you're looking at a black screen some of the time while the voices and sounds play in the background. I know it's not entirely black because i can see the brief outline of some characters. I heard this may have been some form of censorship, so if that's true, having this version on Funimation is just ridiculous! I mean you guys have uncensored Elfin Lied on here and that's one of the most brutal animes I've seen lately. If this is a censored version, could we please have the non darkened version? Some of these darkened scenes go on for awhile and I'd like to see something on the screen :(

  • @morbidlyobtuse:

    I mean you guys have uncensored Elfin Lied on here

    ….No they don't. :hmm:


    Getchman posted a link comparing the TV version to the DVD/BD version in regards to censorship and art changes. *this one: *

  • We corrected this issue with Deadman Wonderland once before, actually, so it's possible that it's back again? It's supposed to be up on the site uncensored for Subscribers. However, all of our non-subscriber content should be censored.

    Once we get caught up from the current site rollback issue, I'll be happy to further investigate this. Would you please put in a ticket telling me exactly what episode you're seeing this issue on, and the timestamp that this happens? (While I'm working very hard on seeing every anime available on our site (I lead SUCH a difficult life ;) ), it's a long list and Deadman Wonderland's not one I've gotten to yet, so telling me a plot point doesn't help me find it. :( )

  • It doesn't look like you're a subscriber, so until you subscribe, you can only see the censored version

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