Rules for BD/DVD Releases?

  • So, if a show is streamed on Funimation, does that mean that there will be a release on disc, or not necessarily? What are the general rules?

    I ask because I'd like to get Space Dandy on BD, and they are release with English subs n Japan, but I sure don't want to pay $30 an episode for them (premium Japanese price). So, I'll be happy to wait for a cheaper U.S. release, but am still wondering if there is any way to know if it will ever happen in the U.S. or not?



  • Usually funi does a home release for the shows they stream. There are some that don't but not many. But since your interested in Space Dandy I wouldn't worry. Not only have they dubbed it already, but also have it on Toonami, A home release is pretty much guaranteed. But you still will be waiting a bit before it comes out on disc.

  • Space Dandy will almost assuredly have a U.S. release - it'll just take about a year after its broadcast conclusion, if you can bother to wait that long

    There are some rare instances where a show Funimation licensed for streaming wasn't licensed for home video release (C3, Minami-ke, Milky Holmes, etc), but generally, if Funimation has licensed it in some capacity, it will receive a home video release

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