Funimation shop finally works?

  • Im stoked that the shop actually finally works for me. Sure you guys had extremely chitty timing on getting the shop working and didnt put any thought about your model customers when you guys decided to do those funimation (for only people who can get the shop page working) exclusives. But hey, shops working now. Almost think you guys should have a "HEY WE FINALLY GOT THE SHOP WORKING RIGHT AFTER MANY MONTHS IN THE MAKING TRADE UP/SALE EVENT" . Other then that just wanted to post a suggestion on adding a few filter for your shop page. Filter for blurays, dvds, live action, anime, classics, and save line.

  • I don't think the shop was ever down, the main link for the shop didn't work for the past few days but you could still use the shop.

  • Cloud seems to be the only person in North America who was unable to use the shop no matter how many times folks tired to help. Now that the website rolled back due to the issue with their hosting company, he can use it. I wonder how long that will last once they fix the site

    anyway, congrats! you can now use the shop like the rest of us. hope it sticks

  • Congrats for finally being able to use the Shop section of the Funimation website.

    It has been around 9 months now since Cloudkicker first started reporting their problem about the Funimation site not allowing them to purchase the AoT Collection set and such.


    Feel free to check out some old threads here regarding Cloudkicker long term problem with the Funimation Shop.

    2 months later still no trouble ticket/forum reply

    TERRIBLE service and not keeping to the sales word

  • You are literally the only human being who has had the shop not work at all before today

    It was always an issue with your browser or device

    It was never Funimation's fault for your inadequacy

  • Riles it was 3 very much different computers that are at most 2 1/2 yrs old that could not bring up the shop with 2 different browsers (chrome and IE). OH and the ps3 was unable to get the shop page up too, even though I would never use that to order anything. I paid 3 groups (Best buys geek squad / Comp USA / and my own computer tech that fixes and maintains just about everyone elses pcs for the county/city/judges/sheriffs dept. ) of people to try and solve that issue, to find out that no one could fix it, because there was nothing wrong. I changed nothing since then and checked to see if the shop would work every 3 days to now and now randomly 2 of the computers are able to get into the shop on the same day. It was not my inadequancy, browser, or devices and I did everything on my end to get the issue resolved, except buy another pc. It started working out of no where when everyone else just couldnt bring up the shop. Also there were other people who made similar complaints on facebook, but probably said forget it and went to after waiting for a 3-4 month response which I ended up doing as well. Regardless, guess now I will be able to maybe place a order for the cowboy exclusive if I can just see what the differences are between rightstuffs/amazon/ and funis.

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