When will every episode be dub?

  • this is the best show i have ever watched. why cant it be dub, i cant read the sub and watch all the gore and keep track of the entire story. does anyone know if funimation is dubing the rest of the episodes?? like i said the best story ever, and im almost in a rage bc i want more and more and more!!!!

  • every episode is dubbed. since it's running on toonami, they won't be uploading the whole show in English at once. you get 1 episode every Monday after it has aired on toonami. or you could buy the show

  • If you really love this show I recommend buying the blu rays since those have cleaned up animation and are just amazing to look at and really does not compare to online viewing. But yes the entire show is almost fully dubbed and part 2 comes out in like 2 weeks so they have actually finished dubbing it.

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