DBZ BluRay Season 6 (minor issue I guess)

  • Ok… I'm HIGHLY irritated right now :/ currently watching the aftermath of the cell games and am at the part where they're reminiscing about Goku... and um werent these scenes voiced in the past? On the blu rays they're (and in this video) they're completely silent (and I explicitely remember chibi Goku telling Oolong "Dem's the breaks I guess") :/ Whats worse, on the blu rays, they arent even playing the same "sad" song and its just a generic sound in the background :/

    This was one of my favorite parts because the song (which can still be heard in the video I linked) and hearing the dragonball voices for the first time (since when I originally watched the show, I hadnt seen DB yet), it was just perfect. This scene feels completely ruined on the blu rays now... and its odd, because this is the only difference I've noticed (yes I watched the show so much as a kid that I remember which Faulconer tracks go with which scene precisely):(


    Can anyone explain why they swapped the track? I can MAYBE understand the voices if they dont have them licensed anymore (but even then, I thought they did everything in house), but them switching out that track has REALLY lessened the impact of the scene :(

  • Ummm this is exactly how I remember it and I should remember that well since I started watching Dragon Ball about a year ago and have seen all episodes and movies etc.. in order so I may not have years of love for it but I do love the show for what small time I have known it and that scene is the same for when I watched it.

  • Oh sorry this video isn't the blu rays. oops my bad :/ but even though the voices don't play in this video the blu rays take out the music that's in this video?

  • Yep, it swaps it out for a FAR less impactful sound (not even a song) :(

    Its horrible :( one of my favorite scenes ruined for no reason :(

  • They better tell us why they did that.

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