Sgt frog drinking game~

  • Hey guys, my fiance and I made a drinking game to Sgt frog last night and I thought I would share it with you guys.
    You can set the amount of drinks you want for it, we just took regular drinks for everything. Be warned though. You will get drunk. Haha

    Here it is
    Sgt frog drinking game
    Drink when~
    •they chant their names (anytime they say their name more than once)
    •kero is cleaning
    •they wear a disguise
    •tamama uses his laser
    •giroro crys
    •finish drink when sumomo shows up
    •kululu talks about something nobody understands
    •deroro is forgotten about
    •the kero ball is used
    •narrator gets upset
    •ghost girl shows up
    •giroro talks about his guns
    •cow flesh is said
    •the word pikaponian is used
    •kero gets a new gundam
    •he has an afro
    •pop culture reference
    •angol mois trys to destroy the world

    If you make any edits to it or add some rules post your version on the comments.

  • It would take a world class drinker to get through one episode with those rules haha. Cheers

  • Very interesting rules indeed. I'm a fan of drinking games myself, and my one critique of your list is that there are far too many rules. As it is now, you run the risk of killing yourself with liver cancer within the first few episodes if you try to pull that off. O.o

    My suggestion is to trim it down to three or four, maybe five, good solid rules. If you pick the right ones, you and your friends can still enjoy the anime without the risk of alcohol poisoning.

    Back in my anime livestreaming days, me and my viewers would try to create a new drinking game for everything we watched. One of my personal favorites was the drinking game for Spice & Wolf. The rules were very simple:

    • Drink every time Holo gets naked.
    • Drink every time Holo eats or drinks something.
    • Drink every time Holo compliments herself.

    Even though there are only three rules, you still end up tossing back quite a few drinks. Turns out Holo has a voracious appetite, tends to be a bit of an exhibitionist, and thinks rather highly of herself.

    Of course, if you're suicidal, you could always try the Panty & Stocking or Heavy Metal drinking games, which are even simpler:

    Panty & Stocking: Drink for every F-bomb.
    Heavy Metal: Drink every time you see boobs.

    You'll be dead with some quickness. :skull:

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