Is Sword Art Online Light Novel #2 Worth Reading?

  • I am going to read the entire light novel series of Sword Art Online but i'm not sure if the second one is worth reading. I have already watched the anime and to me it looks like all the stuff they did not put in the first book. I didn't mind reading the first book even though it was in the anime but since they already beat the game in book 1 I kind of want to continue on with the series and not go back words. So does anything happen in the book that did not happen in the anime? Also will I be able to skip to book 3 and still understand whats going on?

  • Everything in book 2 was adapted into the anime. However, Yui plays a notable supporting role in books 3 and 4, so anyone who hasn't seen the anime and skips book 2 will probably be wondering where she came from at some point.

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