Sekirei and about a season 3 not happening is exactly not true


    i met Monica Rial down in Pensacola at fandom com con. now let me get some things clarified right now shes a voice actress from over 250 anime that may be shown on Funimation. however she doesn't appreciate how things are run by Funimation in general so as of a season 3 i wouldn't ever say no is no with her. she loves the fans and she wanted me to tell you she appreciates the loving support but do not buy into the fact that Funimation thinks they know what their talking about. the answer is yes if their is a script and if time restraints are not a factor than absolutely yes that wouldn't be a problem i spent 30 min chatting with her and i was honored to be in her presence at the convention and just so im not blowing smoke heres the link

    • Monica Rial: A voice actress for ADV Films and Funimation Entertainment, Monica Rial has been featured in more than 250 anime including "Baccano!," "Fairy Tail," "High School of the Dead," "Mass Effect: Paragon Lost," Princess Jellyfish" and "Witchblade." Che can currently be heard on Cartoon Network in "Deadman Wonderland," "Casshern Sins," "Samurai 7" and "FMA Brotherhood" and on Nicktoons as Bulma in "Dragonball Z Kai."

  • that's nice but I highly doubt she knows anything about another season. No news from Japan for nearly 4 years, I doubt its going to happen

  • Funimation has nothing to do with the script. They just localize it. Monica Rial has absolutely nothing to do with another season

  • Monica Rial has absolutely, positively no control over the creation of a third season of Sekirei.

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