Could you guys please bugfix the Funimation Xbox 360 app

  • the funimation app for the 360 is the most bug-ridden piece of software i have ever used. it has logged me out of my user, disconnected me from live, it's incredibly slow, more than half the time the playback just stops working, along with a ton of other numerous glitches that prevent me from using this app. i'm sure many other people are having this problem, it can't be a coinci9dence, so please Funimation, please do something about it.

  • We are already in the process of making an update to the Xbox app.

    I don't have a release date for the update, but it's in current development.

    I haven't heard about the app logging people out as a common issue. Is this happening frequently? Is there anything you can do to deliberately reproduce it? Anything you can tell me about that particular issue should assist me in making a ticket for our developers about it. The other issues I have data for already. Thanks!

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