A Fanfiction Posting Suggestion

  • As the thread title suggests, this is simply a suggestion that I would like for everyone to see and mull over - it is by no means a mandate or rule, and it comes from me alone, as a user, not from me as a moderator. So with that in mind, here is what I'm proposing.

    Any fanfiction to be read would probably be easiest to read through if responses to said fanfiction, unless it's a complete one-shot and done in the initial posting, are kept to a separate thread from the fiction itself. That way, readers won't have to read through a bunch of responses before getting to the next entry in the story.

    For example, this is what I will be doing for any of my own entries.

    Thread 1: Gyt Kaliba's Fanfiction
    Contents: The actual fanfiction. Locked so that only I can post back in it to post new entries in the story.

    Thread 2: Gyt Kalib's Fanfiction (Discussion)
    Contents: A thread for posting when new chapters are done or upcoming, and for people to discuss said fanfiction, what they like and don't like about it, and all that jazz.

    Now, again, this is just the way that I myself feel this section would work best - it's nothing that I can or will enforce at this given point in time. I do however implore my fellow authors to consider doing it as such, to make viewing stories as easy as possible. ^_^ Thank you.

  • I agree with these rules… Not gonna lie, I often forget the fan art & fan fics of the forum exist, I'll have to read your stuff when I have the time. And my be ballzy and take a whack at putting a fanfic up on here myself,,hmm maybe we should try to find a way to get a larger flow of users to come and share their fics & art.

  • I have made a fan-fiction one-shot called Requiem Of Evangelion.

  • Can you write original/non-fanfictional works?

  • @Zethus:

    Can you write original/non-fanfictional works?

    I'm surprised that no one has gotten back to you on this.

    Until Sophie allows it out-right, then I'd have to say, no. Fan derived fiction of anime shows under supervision of the licensing company that distributes them is one thing, but submitting your own original fiction could have unforeseen issues later on.

  • You can use a "poor-mans-copyright" to help protect your original work shared here, in the art section, or anywhere for that matter. Mail several copies in separate envelopes to yourself and leave them sealed when you get them back. Date your work but the post office will put a date across the stamp. You can use these in a court of law as proof that the work is yours and when you created it. Again, don't open them. Let the judge do that. Also make sure you get them back before you post.

    Of course, I'm not a lawyer but I've seen this work although it was some time ago. It might be a way to share and get feedback while still protecting your work. I'd love to have Funimation's legal explore this so we can get more cool stuff in these sections. I'm willing to bet there is a lot of great talent that is afraid to post for these reasons.

  • Technically, if you post something on an open forum or anywhere "open" on the internet (like, a writing group that's only open to your other writer's circle people is "private" but these forums or any fic repository is "open/public"), that counts as the "first publication" of that thing. The method above will help you if there's ever a legal dispute about who owns the rights to your original content, for sure, though nothing is iron-clad.

    However, it's important to note that anyone who cares about giving you MONEY for publishing your original content is VERY likely to want first publication rights– you make your work MUCH less desirable for purchase by publishing it online for free. Excerpts are usually exempt from this, but you have to be really careful about that, too.

    If you don't care about selling your work, then posting it online is a great way to get it out there-- just know you're giving it away for free, probably forever.

    I'm not going to rule definitively one way or the other on the posting of original works here-- I would say if you're going to post it, it has to be clearly anime-inspired, but I wouldn't personally lock down an original story about a girl who pilots a giant robot, for example. :)

  • My interest is simply to see more use of these sections of the forums. The low number of posts with high view counts demonstrate to me that there is both interest and opportunity that is being missed. You make an important point though regarding first publication rights. It's clear you're more than a forum admin as you have an inside perspective of the industry. Although I'm sure everyone would love to be making money from their stories or artwork I'm not sure the majority of this audience will know how to access the industry at that level. It seems to be a good place for people to hone their crafts, get input, and maybe get noticed as someone to watch. Possibly even learn those paths that will lead to getting paid for their work. I think a sticky FAQ would go a long way in clarifying expectations, possible pitfalls, and provide an understanding that will make people feel safer and more educated about what they choose to post.

  • If someone would like to create an FAQ like lakatu is referring, I'd be happy to sticky it up. :)

  • Mostly I know this because in my free time, I'm an aspiring writer who also writes fanfiction. :) This has more to do with the writing/publishing industry than the anime one, and I don't have insider information, just what I've picked up from years of writer's workshops.

    But hmm… what kind of questions would you like to see answered in a FAQ and improvements would you like to see? I'd be happy to bring up expanding this information-- and this forum!-- for people, either as a work or personal project, but I'm a little confused as to what you'd want the end result to look like. What kinds of things do you think would encourage people to post more fanworks here? What kind of questions would you want answered?

  • @CJ:

    Mostly I know this because in my free time, I'm an aspiring writer who also writes fanfiction. This has more to do with the writing/publishing industry than the anime one, and I don't have insider information, just what I've picked up from years of writer's workshops.

    I scribble stories in my free time, too. I'm not confident enough in my craft, yet to call it writing. Not usually fan-fiction, because I can't resist Mary Sueing that to death. What workshops do you attend? If you'd rather, I can take this to PM.

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