Favorite comedic episode?

  • What is your favorite comedic comedic episode of the series?

    I love episode 75 "24 Hour Endurance Road Race", but the best one for me is episode 30 "Next Generation", if I had to pick an episode to introduce them to Fairy Tail for its comedic purpose it would be that episode. The second half of the episode that focused on the play is comedy gold. I prefer the original Japanese version, but the English version is great also.

  • I would have to say Episode 9: Natsu Devours a Village, and Episode 19: Changeling!

  • Anytime when Ichiya and the Trimens get screen time. I really loved Ichiya during the Grand Magic Games too, especially on episode 172 when Ichiya was partnered up to fight with the "person" in the bunny suit.

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