Gakkou Gurashi Manga Thread

  • I first heard that this was getting an anime show so i decided to read up on it.
    It's about "three girls and a teacher camping out at school"

    PLEASE DON'T LET THE SYNOPSIS FOOL YOU!!! I almost dropped this if I didn't read that the genre was seinen, supernatural, and horror.

    This is a very good manga so I wanted to know if anybody else have been reading this and if you have any opinions

    Edit: To those who are skeptical ,think of it as Highschool Of The Dead meets Madoka Magica

  • UPDATE: Yen Press has added Gakkou Gurashi! (School-Live!) To their roster and the 1st volume will be available later on this year in November

  • Two new chapters, 36 and 37 came out the other day. If you haven't caught up to these chapters, I won't spoil anything but I'll just say that it gets more depressing…

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