More Toriko episodes?

  • Hello! Will Funimation be releasing anymore Toriko episodes? I bought parts 1-4 and I've been really enjoying it but It doesn't look like part 5 is coming out? did they cancel it?

  • Unknown at this point I also got parts 1-4 however if you want to see the next parts that badly there is either the subscription service funimation offers or crunchyroll both offer the rest of the series. As for DVD releases that is all up to funimation at this point I just hope it does not go the way of Case Closed.

  • It could be a number of things. Either negotiations for the next amount of episodes are still ongoing, they are still in production of more episodes but just hasn't announced it or the series isn't selling well enough.

    Now let's consider the first scenario. They could still be negotiating the next amount of episodes. It could be taking a long time because they might be negotiating all the remaining episodes which is over 100 episodes, which is a lot , so it would take longer to negotiate. They could also be negotiating for the movies as well as Digital Media rights which could drag out the negotiations. It is also well known that Toei (the company who produces Toriko) aren't the fastest of negotiators. It is well known that some of Toei's other series such as One Piece, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball all took a long time to negotiate.

    Now the second scenario, that they are still in production. It is more then likely that if they do in fact have the rights to Toriko, production may still, delayed or not even started yet. Toriko's voice actor in particular has been very busy lately in two major roles such as Brook in One Piece, and Dandy in Space Dandy. Those two previously mentioned titles are bigger titles then Toriko, so Toriko might be on the backburner for now.

    Now finally, the third scenario, is that it isn't selling well enough. To my knowledge Toriko isn't that popular outside of Japan, let alone in the United States. It's highly likely that the series simply isn't selling well enough as a result. Now obviously it was popular enough to get picked up in the first place and then later on Crunchyroll, so I suppose it does have somewhat of a fanbase in the United States. But that doesn't mean it's good enough to sell, and it also could just mean people only like to stream it or watch it subbed. Even when it was still airing, the simulcast would be released 3 days later, as opposed to 1 hr later like most other simulcast series.

    The fact that it ended could be another factor. Whether or not it was cancelled or put on hiatus is a matter of debate, but at the end of the day Toei chose Dragon Ball Kai over it. Now i can't remember the exact ratings, but im assuming they did ok at best. I suspect the ratings as well as the simulcast numbers weren't high enough. I must say, to my knowledge i never noticed Toriko being a best seller.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that, the last Toriko set was only released a couple of months ago on DVD in Japan. Maybe once a year or so passes after all episodes are released on DVD in Japan we will get more episodes. It is well known that with most series, the production company doesn't allow the series to be released internationally too soon after they are released in Japan. Most dubs are at least 2 years behind, and the Toriko anime only just ended this year, so it might just be a matter of time.

    With all this in mind I think it's just best to talk to funimation about it at a con. Don't email them cause they won't reply, so ask in person. You should be trying to ask one of the higher ups of funimation, if not someone from the licensing department or a brand manager for Toriko. If you can't get to any cons and talk to someone from funimation, the next best thing to do in my opinion is to just double dip and buy the collections. I know some people may be reluctant to, but if you really want to support the series then i suggest you do. I know a few people double dipped to support other series too. And it's not a bad price either.

    Sorry about the long post, but make what you will of it. Im not telling you to do anything, they are just suggestions and my opinions based on what i know. My advice is to just try to talk to someone relevant, support the series and be patient for the time being. Hoped I helped.

  • Wow! There's a-lot of stuff that goes into stuff like that huh? lol your post was very helpful and insightful. Thanks! Hopefully more will get released I love the show so much! :)

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