Which bro do you wanna see EMA end up choosing.

  • Even though more seasons or OVAs are a ways away , I'm curious who your fav bro is in general and who you want to see EMA choose and why.

  • Azusa and Natsume are my favorite choices. But if I had to chose only one of them, I would chose Natsume. I think even though Azusa says he wouldn't mind fighting Tsubaki for her it would be difficult for Azusa to hurt Tsubaki like that.

  • My hopes are with Natsume because I love him to death! xD Though, the second season light novel has already ended, and she chose… [omit name]…

  • My favorites have always been the triplets. With that being said, I have to go with Natsume! Hands down, I have always felt he was the perfect blend of Azusa and Tsubaki. Though, his personality leans more towards Azusa than Tsubaki, but I suspect there's a little wild in Natsume as well. :-)

  • I've read a bit about the characters and I have to go with Natsume about this one. It seems like he's the one understands her best and is always there for her. I've read on who she ends up with but it can change in the anime, a lot of fans are still waiting on that second season.

  • Yea , im curious as too if it is her final choice though

  • I'm such a glutton. I want a special anime ending where she gets together with each of them!!!! That would make me SUPREMELY happy :)!!!!

    Masomi so they can take care of her family forever, Ukyo so they can break through their reserved natures together, Kaname because monk-to-lover is supremely romantic, Hikaru so she can learn how to have fun and be frivolous, Tusbaki because he's passionate and doesn't hide, Azusa for the exact opposite reason, Natsume because they'd be a perfect couple, Louis because he'll always put her first, Subaru because he needs her to be at his best, Lori because she can save his soul, Yusuke because he saw her first - and his dreams are so pure (so worthy!), Futo because she can un-twist her heart, Wataru because he wants to grow up to be the best he can be for her - who wouldn't love that?

    If I had to choose just one - sigh. That's hard. I'm a sucker for the voice acting, so in the Japanese version I really wanted it to be Kaname (random, I know, but he's super hot and his voice is delicious!) - in the dub version, it's tough, I'm actually more feeling Subaru (who was such a throw-away character in the Japanese), and Yuske (just love the little toughie) and the older guys, to be honest. Character-wise, yeah, I'm kinda with everyone else that Natsume makes the most sense. I mean this silly girl has like zero personality and the only one she has anything in common with seems to be Natsume - so I guess it'd be him "all around". Though bring on the OVA's pllllease! The Valentine's day one was crazy! And I just loved how Kaname took her down the mountain at Christmas, so heroic! Don't see enough of the older guys. I mean this is already a risque subject, so why let the age gap thing get in the way? So that's my plea, more more more!!!

  • @srsims:

    I'm such a glutton. I want a special anime ending where she gets together with each of them!!!!

    Like one at a time, or all of them together? ~_^

  • Good lord SpacemanHardy, stop my heart! I couldn't handle that, hahaha! Well maybe - tee hee.

    The leading lady though? She'd never manage it, so I'll take separate "choose your own adventure" type endings where she gets to choose each one :) Hows that, lol!

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