English Voice for Trafalgaw Law

  • Law's debut is right around the corner. According to the One Piece Wiki, he first appears in Episode 392. FUNimation releases 11-13 episodes per voyage release. If my calculations are correct (sound like a Nerdexter), Episode 392 will most likely be released on the 5th Voyage of Season 6. So chances are good +/- Episode 392 are in production as we speak.

    My possible 3 candidates for Law's English Voice Actor:
    *Newton Pittman (I can hear Newton's Gray Fullbuster resemblance to fit Law)
    *Joel McDonald (I heard his demo on his website. Besides his Meow and Jacuzzi Splot voice, he really can take out the man voice at will if must)
    *Matthew Mercer (If he can voice Levi, he can definitely voice Law)

    What's yours?

  • Well considering we have old man Makarov as white beard I'm kinda scared to find out. :/
    Trafalgaw Law... Michael Lindsay? Law always gave me the impression of a lackadaisical yet intelligent and calculative type similar to Kisuke (guy with funny green and white stripped hat) from Bleach and I think Lindsay did a good job of bringing that out in him.
    Forgive me if I'm completely off kilter I haven't watched One Piece in several months so my vision of him may be a little fuzzy. Just takin' a stab at it, ya know?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Actually if you were to make kisuke's voice a bit younger I think you'd be hitting the nail on the head. I just watched the episodes where law appearred and I could definately see that.

  • I think Steve Blum would be a good choice.

  • Steve is union, and I don't believe he can be in non union dubs

  • Here is something I've found off the Internet which involves possible candidates for the English Voice of Trafalgar Law.


  • Number 3 in list will be good if you choose in these

  • I reckon Matthew Mercer would be the best voice for law

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