Odd schedule mess up?

  • I'm a fan of Fairy Tail and often look in the schedule to see when the next subbed episode will be released (it's usually a week), but I'm also a huge fan of High School DxD and got my friend into it. Well I just looked through the schedule list and it shows High School DxD in the Subscription area for Season 2 (episodes 13-24) for subbed…but it is already released as subbed for the Elite Subscription. So I'm not sure if that was a mess up or what is going on there.



    It shows it on Page 3 (currently) with a release date of 9/02/2014.

  • 99% sure they will be replacing the censored simulcast with the uncensored blu-ray masters

  • See I thought that may have been the case, but I wasn't too sure since it was still subbed. I wasn't sure if they were going to come out with the uncensored unless the dubbed version was out.

  • thats odd considering the release schedule has the DUBBED blu ray release for season 2 on nov 11th .. much better than that early 2015 original date.. doesnt explain the sub listing for the elite stream though

  • sure it does. they are going to upload the uncensored version on Tuesday rather than make folks wait for the DVD/BD release 2 months later. this was likely planned in advance before it was announced the season 2 would be released in November.

    Freezing Vibrations is set to be swapped the following week. same thing happened with the first season. they put up the swap from censored simulcast to uncensored release on the schedule for all heavily censored simulcasts

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