Volume of the funimation logo at the beginning of each video

  • It's like 5 times louder than the show, so when watching something with headphones (or even on speakers) I hit the funimation logo and blows out my ears. Seriously it's given me bad headaches a couple of times, I shouldn't be physically assaulted when trying to watch your shows. Can you just equalize it to the common volume of the rest of the show?

  • It is because they use one clip for all videos. The shows are all professionally mixed/mastered in a sound studio. It probably isn't feasible to sound check and volume match the funi preroll clip to every single video.

    That said, I agree. I'm old, and it is too damn loud. LOL

  • Oh yea, we agree. The wife jumps for the tv remote every time the darn thing plays. Very annoying!

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