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  • Hey guys, I'm sure this has probably been discussed before however in effort to not "raise the dead" and make zombie threads why not try to hire some new voices. I love Christopher Sabat and J MIchael Tatum along with other major voices but when they are the main voices for all the anime's out there it throws off the illusion. For example I was watching Black Butler and Colleen Clickenbeard does essentially all little boy voices. I'm really hoping that when luffy hit's the time skip you change to a new voice actor for him. She made sense in the begging of the series but she doesn't make sense for him at 17 years old and a whole lot more mature. The problem with changing him though is that you would need to get a similar sounds but he just simply cannot sound like a girl anymore (Colleen, you do a great job almost to a concerning point :P but I've never heard you do an adult male voice). While J Michael Tatum does every "intellectual" voice and Sabat does every "zoro" type character (an anti-hero gruff man). Oh and don't forget probably your most recycled voice (but probably least noticed since he doesn't have that "unique" sound the others have) Micah Solusod he plays… what... every "half-wit" high school main character?

    Anyways back to the main point almost every anime has several of the following in main character roles: Christopher Sabat, J MIchael Tatum, Colleen Clickenbeard, Micah Solusod, Monica Rial (well okay maybe not her, I have just noticed her a lot more lately). Lindsay Seidel. These are just voices that come to the top of my head honestly.

    I know there is a small pool and when a voice is "right" for a character you want to go with it but it seems Funimation is taking the lazy route out and from what I hear you guys make the hiring process near impossible. I mean don't get me wrong I'd rather have an animation voice right and dead-on with flaps but maybe lax the process just a little bit to get some new blood in. Especially with funimation offering the streaming services at the same cost as hulu and netflix your profits should be through the roof compared to your DVD/BD sales. This should allow higher pay for current voice actors so that they don't need to take so many roles to support their livelyhoods and allow you to get new actors in and show them the ropes so that we stop watching Ouran you don't go "wait am I watching one piece? no wait I'm watching black butler no wait that's right".

    Sorry if the point isn't quite lucid, it's just been bothering me of late, I wager when I watch attack of the titans in english I will here 3 or more of the voices listed above and atleast at least 50% of the common voices will be cast in main characters roles (no I haven't looked at the line up it's just funimation is that predictable). I really hope this isn't to harsh but sometimes harsh criticism is what you need.

  • The talent pool is around 300 people deep. voice acting doesn't pay very much, so a large majority of those people have other, better paying jobs that often prevent them from auditioning very often. the folks you hear more often do other things at funimation like directing and script writing or just have more time to schedule recording sessions so they are around more. there have been new people showing up, but they have to start at the bottom before they get bigger roles.

  • Still, as a consumer of Funimation products, subscriber Rasperin sort of has a point. Our household often feel the same voices muddle the illusion. I think it's likely a self-supporting system because as Getchman points out, many of the well known voices are also the producers, editors, writers etc of the same shows. Unfortunately their comfort level with each other has likely created this nuisance.

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