So its over…

  • Well hello all other fans and i'm just here to make a statement. First off all this show was my favorite anime and the fact that we only got 2 seasons is just rubbish. For everyone that can read Japanese you are lucky you get the manga 7 years worth but we get 2 seasons and 2 movies.
    This anime deserved more seasons and more fans but i guess stuff happens. Thank you sincerely heavens lost property for being there for about four years and being a big part of my life.

    Man and i hope to god one day all the producers are sitting in a room and say "lets reboot this and make it a original series"

    Oh and i feel really sorry for the people stumbling across this forum after seeing the show on netflix and wondering if its still going and being a wreck when figuring out its not and seeing this becouse its a great show and the community was great while it lasted.

  • Yes , I'm also disappointed that it's over…at the end od the second season it sure looked there was a 3rd coming . I saw the 1st movie & it appeared to me that they mostly reused footage from both seasons & just added another character . Don't get me wrong , I enjoyed it (and saddened at end) , but a 3rd season would of been better . Haven't seen the 2nd movie , wonder if they explained what was so special about Tomoki .

  • Hiyori was always in the story and wasn't just an addition for the movie. The movie was half catch-up from Hiyori's POV and the rest was her story arc - although altered from the manga.

    From what I hear they butchered the second movie and many people are disappointed. Sounds like they really messed around with the story and will most likely confuse someone who hasn't read the manga. It's worth reading to be honest. The last few volumes are a roller coaster and some of the key plot points including who certain people are…. oh boy :o.

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