What will happened to is this a zombie? *Discussion*

  • I'm wondering what will become of Is This A Zombie? Both season's were fantastic and I really look forward to another but I got no real clue weather their are plans or not? I mean is there a season 3 being planned? if not what will become of this anime it's a great one and I'm not just saying that either I'm being 100% honest FUNi did a great job on the Dubbed version if I do say so myself hehe but it feels empty like I honestly believe it requires another season but that's just my opinion and probably most won't agree with me. If I were to give my own insights on the show I'd say it was well done, and to be quite honest yes the show was all over the place but that's what made it unique, Having it's own touch of love and comedy, action & drama etc. I'd say it hit the appropriate marks of 8.5/10 way to go Is This a Zombie! :D

    What do you the fellow members think? Do you agree?

  • No news about a third season.

  • I hope something turns up I really do look forward to one.

  • I hope they do I'm watching it now and love it xD I want them to make another Rosario+vampire also:(

  • I also want another R+V season but that's not happening although it would be nice if they make another Is This A Zombie seriously :)

  • I hope they do make a new season because apparently the next two volumes in the light novel are supposed to completely trump the first and second season.

  • I was hoping for a third season as well, it was just left unfinished in my eyes…and I hate when I get hooked on an anime, just to get to the end of a season, and find out there are no more planned :( I'm wicked bummed about this one....

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