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  • I've created a userscript that adds a filter to the schedule page on Funimation and I'd like to share it with everyone. (To the mods, if this is in the wrong place please move it, I sent a pm to a mod/admin a week prior but haven't received a reply)

    What this script actually does:

    • Adds a (tv) rating and format filter (for dvd + blu-ray) / language filter (for streaming/subscription) Funimation's Release Schedule as shown below.

    • Allows bookmarks by url; The url will be in the format of either: (with optional 'dvd-blu-ray') + # + br/brdvd/dvd/none + - + 14/ma/pg/r/none

    OR… + streaming OR subscription + # + sub/dub/none + - + 14/ma/pg/r/none

    For example: Filtering by only PG rated shows would be… #none-pg and filtering only by Dubbed MA rated shows would be #dub-maChoosing Dub + MA will return the following...

    Information correct as of 6th August 2014.

    P.S. If after filtering the current page there are no matching shows, then a message will be displayed; consider trying other filters.

    Installation Instructions:

    1a. Firefox users: Download Greasemonkey
    1b. Chrome users: Download Tampermonkey

    2. Go to this page where the script is located.

    3. Click the green install button on the left-hand side of the screen.

    Follow the on-screen prompt, and click 'Install' / 'Ok' on the pop-up window then you're good to go.

    Known Issues:

    • On first load, default results will be loaded some time before the filter executes (you can try lowering the setTimeout number for the filter function, however this may cause issues with inconsistencies if it isn't ready.

    • If bookmark/url is entered with an invalid hash (i.e #bd-none instead of #br-none), execution of the script will be stopped.

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