Dragonball blu ray ????

  • I love dragon ball z and I am enjoying the new blu ray sets but I would love to see funimation do a blu ray of dragon ball, where it all got started. Will they ever do this???

  • I'd say there's a good chance of it happening eventually, given that all things Dragon Ball related are hot sellers for FUNi. They currently don't have any official plans for it at the moment, though.

  • I would be very interested in this release. I'd love to have the original series in high def.

  • They only have digital footage of Dragon Ball so they would have to purchase the films from Toei to do a Blu ray treatment. If they have to purchase from toei I would recommend them get the Dragon Box masters first. Same for GT to.

  • I hope they do. They would make me one happy fan!

  • I would be very interested in Dragon Ball being released on blu-ray. I've recently gotten back into DBZ over the past few months and have finally purchased all of them on blu-ray. I am tempted to get Dragon Ball dvd sets but may hold off for just a bit longer to see if they will be released on blu-ray at some point, as well.

  • I joined the forums just looking for information on this.

    Im absolutely loving the new blu ray releases of Z. I know a lot of people complain OMG not 4:3 but I love the 16:9 I feel like theres so many good releases in 4:3 already that owning them on blu ray in 4:3 would be utterly pointless. Plus when I watch something in HD I want 16:9

    Its the reason why I keep holding out on the buying the blue bricks. One they're harder to find than dbz unless i wanna shop online which, I surprisinly dont like to do.

    But if they make a 16:9 DB box set Im going to have to purchase it.

  • If they do I'm hoping it makes it to streaming. Kinda bummed the HD DBZ isn't on the site.

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