Sekirei/Eyeshield 21 Discussion (I much in common)

  • Not about to go on a rant about these two shows getting anymore production,especially on an english dubbing site, just wondering if anyone else has any insight as to why these two animes were cut off at their prime (Well I guess there's still hope for Sekirei since the manga is still going and for a manga that's still going after nearly 10 years….how the don't wanna know what he's....oh my...didn't even know that word exsisted...gotta write that one down)

    P.S. The word was Snufflewuffledufflebubbleufugus. Enjoy!

  • Sales.
    S'what usually happens.

  • I think we might find out the future of the Sekirei anime after/when the manga wraps up, which it looks to be doing fairly soon. My guess, based on the manga material, is they will make another anime season with a movie wrap up, as long as they think it will make money that is.

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