You think you know anime?


    It's called Sakuga or drawing of anime (use of frame modulation) - the videos in the series (video link above) reaches into great detail and background info on anime and how it all started. I would check it out if you are an anime fan and you don"t know what Sakuga is or know little about Sakuga.

    Really, check it out and you can talk about it in this forum. I mean, it"s really hard to find much of any info on Sakuga and Sakuga artist.

    Here"s something: Space Dandy has Sakuga in it and the person who animated it, is 21(22?) years old. He has a Twitter account that you can follow and his name is Bahi JD.

  • I don't know what possessed me to sit here and watch that for about 2hours (haha) but i'm glad i did! I will definitely look from a different perspective when i watch anime now. And i learned a bunch of different words for different types of animation that i didn't know there was a big difference in before! Very informative, really thank you i find this type of stuff very interesting. :D

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