Uncensored Anime

  • I've been watching anime like Tokyo Ghoul lately and noticed the heavy censorship on the violence. (Maybe a little bit in some ecchi titles too!) I know some censorship comes from the creators and can't be helped but I'm wondering if some of it is Funimation censoring? I'm hoping for Elite Subbers to have an option for uncensored and censored versions. Maybe ask for a birthdate before viewing for legal reasons? (I think a few titles have this but not many.)

  • We very, very rarely ever censor anything here at FUNimation. I can only think of one title in my time here that we censored anything in and I believe it was just in one episode? 99.99% of the time, if you are seeing censorship on a title from FUNimation, it's because we're showing the Japanese broadcast version and it's censored for Japanese television.

    Once the DVD/BD version is released, we put the non-censored version up for our EVS members. We usually keep the censored version for the Hulu and Free player, however.

    To be fair, every license has the potential to be different! But the censorship you are seeing for Tokyo Ghoul, for instance, is because that is the version showing on Japanese broadcast television.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions! :)

  • I take it you're referring to a rather racy Vampire show CJ?
    I haven't seen it myself but I've heard stories…

  • Vampire Bund was released uncensored. I think he might be referring to an episode of Haganai NEXT, where Sena is playing an eroge in the club and the heroine getting nailed doggy style looks like Kobato. the game screen is left cropped like the tv broadcast, getting rid of Heroine nips

  • is that whats going with high school dxd?

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