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  • Hi, is there some way to track which videos you've watched or keep track of progress in a series like other video sites do? I've tried adding to Queue and Favorites but that doesn't really seem to do it. Any help would be appreciated. I am a elite subscriber if that helps with anything. It gets frustrating getting like 11 episodes into a series, then having to do that pesky sleep thing and forgetting where I was. Thanks for the help.


  • yeah, go to your profile, history, videos. you should see a list of the most recent episodes you have watched

  • Is that the only way?

    As a new subscriber I've been looking for something a little better than a watched history.

    I'm currently working my through Fairy Tail which has a large number of episodes. They are split into seasons of sorts with lots of story lines starting and ending. Once the current story line I'm on has ended I plan on taking a break and watching some other shorter series before returning. If all I have is a watched history it's not a very convenient way of doing things.

    I was hoping there would be something more like Netflix has.

    If I go to the show page of a series on Netflix it knows what the last episode I watched was and allows me to continue watching from where I last was. That's a much easer way of doing things then having to go looking through a watched history all the time, especially if you are watching multiple series at once.

    Other than that small complaint I really love my elite subscription :)

  • I usually just delete the episodes from my queue once I've watched them. Just check the little box next to each episode as you watch them (open the "watch sub/dub" links in a new tab) and then click the little trash bin once you're done.

  • ^^ That's what works best for me, as well. I watched most of Fairy Tail's dubbed episodes on the FUNimation channel, so I added the entire series to my queue, checked the episodes I've already seen, clicked delete, and voila…an updated to-watch list. Then as Firefly mentions, simply maintain your list my manually deleting episodes as you watch them. I also add shows without episodes (like .Hack, Cowboy Bebop, etc) to my queue so that when they are eventually added it'll catch my attention sooner rather than later.

  • Cheers for the suggestions.

    That's a lot of manual work to keep track of a show though and very easy to miss something. The whole point of going for the online subscription was being sick of losing where I was up to with the disc releases. While there are certainly ways with the online approach, anything that requires me to manually put things in and out of a queue isn't and ideal solution.

    I still think, as an elite subscriber, I should have my subscription track things for me automatically and not just with a watched history. I mean the watched history is there so it shouldn't be overly difficult to implement something so that when I click on a show page it automatically knows the last episode I've watched and gives me the option to continue watching.

  • I fully agree with you, but it is what it is, and since FUNi's EVS bypasses commercials I still prefer it to Hulu any day, episode tracking or not. Hopefully one of these days during a routine site maintenance they'll add this functionality, but until then managing the queue manually is the best option. Ideally, they could mimic Netflix's interface and possibly even switch over to Silverlight while they're at it, but then again they could also up the monthly sub to cover the upgrade costs to do so.

  • I own half of what I'm watching on disc and watching through the web has been so much easier to keep track of things. The subscription is totally worth the money.

    Just be nice if tracking were a little easier and a little less involved :)

    As you say, it is what it is and I guess I'll just have to take some of the advice that has been offered.

    Cheers all.

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