Hetalia World Series case ruined

  • Just bought the full season of World Series today plopped it into my DVD player when I got home. Super excited to get signed whenever one of the voice actors came to my home town. Thought my dog Sadie was happy for me to cause she couldn't take her eyes of the case, figured she thought it was as pretty as I thought it was. If I had known her true intentions I would never of stepped out of the room for that brief moment, when I returned I found the case in a million pieces, paper here and over there. The plastic case had a chunk taken out of it to. The love of owning a new DVD of one of your favorite amines ended sooner then I thought. Now I just need to figure out what to do next, can't return it obviously so now I have to live with a less then perfect DVD of World Series and a dog who truly meant no harm. Hey watcha gonna do

  • I'm not sure if they'll be able to assist you or not for this title, but you should make a ticket about this issue with the reason code "Product Concerns". They may be able to help.

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