Xxxholic video skipping

  • Has anyone else had the problem of the just skipping forward a second at certain parts of the video. It's happened a lot on every episode I;ve watched so far.

  • This sounds like a technical issue. I suggest sending a support ticket to CJ and Sophie so they can look into the matter.

    Is it only happening during xxxHolic, or has it happened with any other shows too?

  • I reported this issue for episode 1, the skipping made the show unwatchable. The support team looked at the problem and afterwards I managed to watch the first episode problem free.

    The problem has also been evident in episodes 2-9 (this is as far as I have watched) but not nearly as serious as episode 1. It looks like the whole series need re-encoding.

  • If you haven't already, can someone please make a ticket about this issue? It's very difficult for us to track resolutions for these kinds of issues through the forum. Thanks!

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