Under the Dog - Anime Kickstarter

  • In case you haven't heard, an original science fiction anime is looking to procure funding through Kickstarter.

    Goal: $580,000
    Deadline: September 7, 2014

    The base goal will get a 24-minute episode independently produced, with stretch goals allow for a prequel episode, a sequel episode, and a feature length film instead of several TV-length episodes.

    Key People:

    • Masahiro Ando (Director)
    • Yusuke Kozaki (Character/Mechanical Designer)
    • Hiroaki Yura (Producer)
    • Jiro Ishii (Original Story)
    • Kinema Citrus (Animation Studio)
    • Orange Co. (3D CGI)

    ANN Article

  • Sounds interesting, I'll keep an eye on it and think about contributing.

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