What Manga Would You Like To See As An Anime?

  • Basically just as the title suggests what manga series ( I say series but can also be a one-shot) would you like to see as an anime ?

    My first and foremost has to be Yoshitoshi Abe's latest work Ryushika Ryushika, for me personally i find it hilarious as it seems like nostalgia the series for me. It follows a little girl basically discovering the world and reminds me so much of myself (outside the little girl part) it's ridiculous. I also think it'd be great to see it animated as anyone who knows of the series can see that Abe's unique art style really shines in the series.

    Actually I lied or well sort of cause the next series I'd love to see as an anime is kind of tied with Ryushika Ryushika. That would be the almost infamous Onani Master Kurosawa, a relatively short series that is so amazing in its character development and the way the characters are made very relate-able that it's a shame it hasn't become a series yet. It could easily be adapted into a 12 or even 6 episode series.

    Finally I have a few more I could put up but for now I'll settle with these last two. I group them together since they're both made by the same creator and both have been successful enough to warrant a live action adaptation. Those two series would be Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo both are comedies that are pretty funny and if done right could be great series.

    Well that's basically my list for now, I'm sure I'll add on more later. What about you guys?

  • I'm still waiting on an adaptation of Lucifer & Biscuit Hammer, with animation by Trigger and music from the catalog of the pillows.

  • The manga that I would like to see get an anime adaption would have to be A Devil and Her Love Song , Are You Alice? , Captive Hearts and Dengeki Daisy .

  • While these three have technically already had anime adaptations, I'd really like to see proper works done for I"s, Video Girl Ai, and Zetman. Katsura's work always seems to get the shaft in the anime department for some reason.

    Beyond that, the manga that screams to me that it needs to be animated most is Ai Kora. It's from the same author who did Midori Days, and it is hilarious and heartfelt, and would really benefit getting some more attention, the kind that only getting an anime can get it.

  • I really want to see more of Dogs: Bullets and Carnage animated. Oh, and Black Bird and Ga Rei too.

  • I really want Otters 11 to be an anime, but, well, I guess it'll have to be an actual manga first before that can happen

  • Vinland Saga. Vinland Saga would make a beautiful anime series. If given a proper budget or done as films.

  • @Kruszer:

    I really want to see more of Dogs: Bullets and Carnage animated. Oh, and Black Bird and Ga Rei too.

    Based on everything I've heard, an anime based on the actual manga doesn't sound like it would be all that interesting.

  • Which one?

  • @Kruszer:

    Which one?

    I could ask who your reply was directed at, but that wouldn't get us anywhere; Ga-Rei.

  • i'd really like to see both Vinland Saga and Psyren animated

  • @Dachou:

    i'd really like to see both Vinland Saga and Psyren animated

    Psyren… When I was reading the manga all I could think was "this would be a really cool anime" and I stand by that. I know it's unlikely to ever happen, but I would so happy to see it finally get an adaptation.

  • I second (or third, I guess) Psyren. That really would make a great anime, it's a pity it didn't do better.

  • @EyeOfPain:

    I could ask who your reply was directed at, but that wouldn't get us anywhere; Ga-Rei.

    Okay because I did mention 3 manga in that post. As for Ga-Rei, I've only read the chapter equivalent of the first volume and find it interesting enough. I can't speak for it's overall quality, but if it's at least half as good as Ga-Rei Zero then I don't see a problem.

  • +Anima

    It's never going to happen, but I'd love to see this adorable series animated. With characters who brim with spirit and personality, and an imaginative world to explore, it would a perfect adventure show for all ages.

  • Pretty much finish whatever isn't done when the source material's done. On that topic, Deadman's Wonderland, Soul Eater, and Trigun come to mind.

  • I also think that Cage of Eden, Monster Musume, Triage X, Sun Ken Rock, Bloody Monday would make for good anime series

    and i'll always say that it Golden Boy should get a full TV anime series cos it's that awesome.

  • Sorry for bumping this thread.

    I'd love to see more of Nobuyuki Fukumoto's works get an anime release like Buraiden Gai (Outcast Gai) or Strongest Man Kurosawa.

  • I'd love to see an anime adaptation of:
    -Puppy Lovers
    -Happy Negative Marriage
    -Spotted Flower

    However, ones that either already had an anime adaptation but never incorporated ALL the manga material (so either a reboot or another season?) I'd like to see more of:
    -Ranma 1/2
    -Fruits Basket
    -Golden Boy

  • I wish Apocalypse no Toride gets an adaption.

    There hasn't been any other zombie-related anime besides Highschool of the Dead, I think.

  • Monster Musume like Dachou said. It's selling pretty well in Japan so I imagine its only a matter of time.

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