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  • A new Gundam is finally coming out on August 23rd for a limited showing followed by a TV anime in October! This one is a throwback to the original Gundam, which makes sense since the story was written by the original creator of the Gundam franchise. It looks really good. Which company do you think will license it? I'm just hoping that one of the U.S. anime companies licenses it, which is in question since Bandai was the company that always brought the different Gundam series over.

    The first ten minutes are being streamed here:

  • Who cares? It's Gundam. :P

  • This really doesn't belong in the Elite Members forum, so I'll move it over to the general Anime section instead. :)

  • @TIL:

    Who cares? It's Gundam.

    It's interesting that the most famous and influential anime franchises always seem to be polarizing. Good examples of this are Dragonball Z, Naruto, Bleach, FMA, SAO, and Attack on Titan, which are loved by many and hated by others. In any case, for someone like me who grew up watching the older Gundams, it's nice to see the Gundam franchise going back to its roots. :)

  • @ncoleman12345:

    it's nice to see the Gundam franchise going back to its roots. :)

    Hint: it never left. ~_^

  • @TIL:

    Hint: it never left.

    That's not really true. The latest two Gundam AGE and Gundam Build Fighters are nothing like the original series, which makes sense since they weren't created by the original creator of Gundam. For a true fan of the series like me, the different animation style, lackluster script, and lack of character development in these recent "Gundam" were all incredibly different from the true Gundam, which is why I personally didn't like them. The last true Gundam was probably Gundam SEED, which came out almost 12 years ago. Since then, we've had a few OVA series that were rooted in the old Gundam story and artistic style, but they weren't full blown TV series. I guess you could make the argument that Gundam 00 was the last real Gundam, but even that aired almost 7 years ago. All I'm trying to say is that it's exciting for die hard fans of the original Gundam to see the story go back to its true roots. :)

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