Where's Bruce Faulconer?

  • Hi guys,

    I'm currently watching season 2 of the new Blu-ray releases, but why isn't the Bruce Faulconer music on there?
    I can understand that the title screen is different (as it differed from the Japanese one), but how come his music isn't in there?
    Or is it in the latest releases?
    I tried google, but I couldn't find the answer.

  • because of a law suit between him and funi years ago. they are no longer working with him, so his music is no longer being used

  • Really? Well that sucks. Thanks for the answer.

  • Actually he was not doing music for them when these episodes were made. Funi dub the Saiyan saga and Frieza saga after they dubbed the other stuff because Canada was dubbing those for us you the Rock The Dragon song? Yeah that was the Canada version. I promise when you get the close to the end of the Frieza saga like Season 3 some where in there at some random episode it will start playing his music all the way to the end. When Funi went back to dub the first 2 seasons with the American dub they and a falling out with Faulconer.

  • Season 3 and all the other sets play his music for every episode.

  • Okay that is strange. Because I remember watching it as a kid (In The Netherlands) and it was the Rock The Dragon intro, but with all the voices from Funimation. Well, thanks for the reply. I'm glad I have season 3 as well :)

  • No problem

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