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  • Recently the Website was changed so that anyone can fill out the form for the funimation channel. It would be great if a lot of people filled it out so that areas that have a lot of people filling it out could possibly have the funimation channel brought to them.
    Go ahead an sign up, just leave the "service provider" area blank

  • @sandman64:

    Go ahead an sign up, just leave the "service provider" area blank

    Leaving the Service Provider area blank, does not help since the FUNimation Channel cannot show data to those service providers about who want the FUNimation Channel.

  • If you put your address in at least they have a general location of where fans are located, better than not filling it out at all.

    There's nothing else to really do, I tried contacting them to fix the initial problem with not being able to fill it out for over a month before it was fixed so if anyone wants to suggest they add in a write in option so that they know what service providers to use then go ahead.

    The way I was able to contact them was through the major company that owns them called "Olympusat" and I called a few times and talked to a few different people and after about a month it was fixed.

  • Who did you try to contact, FUNimation or the FUNimation Channel?

    Contacting this the FUNimation Channel would the best since FUNimation does not run the channel.

  • first I contacted Funimation and they gave me a support email to contact the funimation channel, but I never got a response to the email I sent to the funimation channel.

    I ended up contacting Olympusat, which is the company that owns the Funimation Channel.

  • I'm curious… Is there a way to watch the channel over the Roku or is the App the only way to stream stuff? Just wondering.

  • You can stream episodes/shows on the Funimation App, but to watch the funimation channel you need to be able to view it through your cable provider.

  • If this would of helped in any way I would of filled it out

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