Black Lagoon Current Manga Discussion

  • Well, I decided to start up a Current Manga Discussion for Black Lagoon. Now let's talk about Chapter 86 which came out last December. (Come on guys, release the newest chapter already!) Now, we first see a guy from Scotland Yard being captured ant interrogated by a gang of thugs. Then they gave him the Cement Shoes treatment… how horrible. Then we cut to Revy and Rock on a bus in Thailand. Plus we see Benny and Jane hanging out on the boat in bathing suits, and the villains of the current arc are planning their next move.

  • I haven't read any of the manga but I was really excited to see that the series was continuing. I can't wait for the anime to continue (I assume it will), won't be able to hold out for the dubbed version.

  • Hopefully with enough material from the manga s4 will soon be released.

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