Who is Your Favorite Character?

  • I figured I'd spice up the forum for my favorite show a little bit and try to chase out some of the crickets.

    Like the title says, Who is your favorite character from Sora no Otoshimono, and why? I bet you can't guess mine!!!

    Ikaros is my favorite character (obviously). She's chibi as hell, and that kills me. She is also a total 100% BAMF. I think it is awesome that the only way to tell the difference between angry Ikaros and normal Ikaros is when there is a giant nuclear arrow aimed at your face. Giving her limited emotional control makes her an extremely interesting character. Also, watermelons.

  • I picked Astraea because she has some stupidly incredible lines in the English dub

  • I chose five, Why choose 1 when the poll lets you have a harem

  • I had to go for Ikaros and Astrea for same reasons: Ikaros for her chibiness, emotional awkwardness and watermellons, and Astrea because she has some of the funniest lines in the series

  • @Chrisc:

    Why choose 1 when the poll lets you have a harem

    TRUE STORY! hahahaha ;D

    You guys rule. I like Astraea too but she can get annoying with her ridiculousness. She's either being funny or being stoooopid (or both). She is less annoying for me in the manga/later in the story though

  • Nymph is defiently #1 for me. Asterea and Choas follow up then Ikaros. Mikako is definetly my least fav.

  • I second Nymph. I found her struggles the most captivating. Hiyori comes a close second though since her story is such a tear-jerker.

  • LOL two votes for Tomoki

  • Chaos & mikako are my top 2 because they like total mayhem, destrution, and but they still have their caring side however small it is. They also remind me alittle of me.

  • My hands down favorite character was Ikaros. I loved seeing her holding on to the watermelon it was so cute :3

  • How can you pick one out? They are all so good! Mine is a tie between Ikaros and Nymph.

  • Tomoki: In all honesty, it took me a little while to warm up to Tomoki. (Probably 'cause some his crazy antics fall so far from my own personality.) I can't tell you the number of times I wanted to smack him upside the head for acting like a jerk toward Nymph and Ikaros in the beginning of the first season. Somewhere along the line though, I started to realize that his attitude was more of a show he puts on than anything else. He's just a teenage boy after all; who wasn't a little immature and impulsive at that age? (Answer: No one) When push comes he's about as loyal as they come. That, and "chibi-tomoki" is freakin' hilarious.

    Ikaros: Ikaros is the angeloid that caught hold of my heart from the start. She just captures such a sense of innocence and loyalty that I can't help but feel drawn to her and her struggles. It literally hurts (in a so-bad-so-good kinda way) to watch her struggle with her feelings toward Tomoki. (I've always been rooting for her.) Her attempts to understand human interaction are beautifully done, and her little "chibi scenes" where she's off chasing butterflies or falling on her face are adorable beyond reason. That, and her voice in the English version is one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I've ever heard…I swear that when "Falling Down" came on in the first season, it gave me chills.

    Nymph: Nymph probably has one of the most compelling backstories in the entire series. Her tortured past, her conflicted feelings...it plays out wonderfully through the course of both seasons (SPOILER: especially after what happens to her wings SPOILER). Unlike Ikaros, she can be outspoken and feisty...but the fact that she acts that way out of her own insecurities makes me love her as a character. She's complicated. That, and she's cute when she gets shy or tries to impress Tomoki. Ridiculously cute.

    Hiyori: Although Hiyori only appeared in the movie, her short screen time was enough to suck me into her story and character. Like Ikaros she's innocent, but with a level of emotional awareness that really brings her into her own. Her story was a heartbreaking, made all the more intense from being played out in one 45 minute movie. Her level of caring, passion, and selflessness are beautiful to watch, bringing her right up there with Ikaros and Nymph as my go-to angels.

    Of course, this doesn't go to say I dislike any of the other characters (far from it, they're all incredible!) but these four are in a league of their own.

    Tomoki, Ikaros, Nymph, and Hiyori because reasons

  • I had to go with Ikaros, Tomo and Hiyori. I love them all but those 3 are definitely my fav's. You just can't top Ikaros to me and Hiyori was just so sweet! If I would have seen her more than just the movie then she would have been neck-n-neck with the top spot.
    Obviously I have to love Tomo, he is great with all the characters, his antics are hilarious but he is still very caring. Again, very sad that this show is coming to an end.

  • Astraea. So… yes, I'm in the minority! Wait, what?

    Whatever. She's cute as heck. I like Ikaros, too, but her vacant facial expressions make me want to shake her.

    Anyway, why am I posting here? Urrr… why not?

  • Nymph all the way - Nymph went through so much crap and I believe she should be with tomoki.

    I feel as ikaros and tomokis relation are better off like close friends or siblings since tomoki never does anything perverted to her. Everyone else should be friends.

    • I realized that Nymph is the only girl who had small breast… Odd ball FTW!

  • @eeliem13nymph:

    Nymph all the way - Nymph went through so much crap and I believe she should be with tomoki.

    I feel as ikaros and tomokis relation are better off like close friends or siblings since tomoki never does anything perverted to her. Everyone else should be friends.

    • I realized that Nymph is the only girl who had small breast… Odd ball FTW!

    Yeah nymph is cool and possibly the most pitiable character in the series and not just because she is the staple ecchii/fanservice small chested character who is defensive about her underwhelming assets (there is a Japanese word/title for such a character I read in my otaku encyclopedia but i have forgotten what it was). It's kind of funny as well as sad that the only angeloid with under a C cup (let alone only character) is the one that is bashed and abused the most and called a reject. Doesn't matter, nymph still all spunky and awesome.

    As for the relationship between Tomoki and Ikaros I would have to say that it is possible that he does a more apparent stronger emotional bond with Ikaros than a physical one. But I think that is more of a sign of Tomiki's actual good and caring nature (if not bizarre) nature, despite his usual pervyness.

    You see the reason, I believe, that Tomiki doesn't do his pervy schpiel with Ikaros is because she would just let him do whatever he wanted with her such as what happened in episode 1 when he muttered under his breath that he would like to see her naked and she just started stripping without any protest or hesitation. Tomoki actually got all flustered and embarrassed by that and told her to put her clothes back on, a bizarre reaction since as had been shown through out the show he does not shy away from the female form laid bare. The difference comes down to freewill, one of the main themes of the show. Ikaros doesn't have much in the form of freewill (or common sense for that matter as she takes things way too literally) especially when it comes to Tomoki since she is imprinted with him. When Tomoki does his pervy crap to others he does so with the full knowledge and maybe even expectation of getting caught and punished for it, usually by getting the crap kicked out of him so maybe he's a masochist. Ikaros though is completely subservient to Tomoki and if she went along with him doing pervy things with him he would probably feel it was more due to a sense of duty than a sense of affection.

    I think the summation of what im trying to say on Tomoki is that yes he is a pervert, but end of the day he is a pervert with "moral's" and convictions that trump his libido leading to him being unable to take advantage of Ikaros's pliable nature… Doesn't mean he isn't interested in her in physical way (as is hinted at in several episodes) or even a more intimate and personal fashion either. He is just mindful of Ikaros's nature and doesn't want capitalize on it, at least not in that manner.

  • first of al i'd like to say how much i have enjoyed all the adventures of 'The New World Club' one of my favs was when all the panties flew away esp when you saw them in the V formation but what really made me laugh was when you saw a formation pass the SR71 Blackbird plane the fastest plane ever built!!! anyway my favorite charactor has to be Mikako i love how she is delightfully Macheavellian in her actions but she is never mean spirited about it and i do think she really cares for sugata and all the others….if anyone truly meant them harm she would be like a mama bear with her cubs.

  • Well if I had known you could make more than one pick, then I WOULD have picked both Ikaros and Nymph. But I did not,and it was a very close call,but I chose Nymph. Trust me they are ridiculously close, and I do mean ridiculously. They're both GREAT characters,but Nymph won it overall because of her story arc, as has been described by many others here. Let's just say that when she ran into a pair of Jerk-a-loids (Yes I just said that) and the events that take place before Ikaros can arrive in this certain scene, they literally made me cringe and get goosebumps from the emotion that I can only imagine would've been running through her mind.

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