Are the new DBZ blu-ray sets the LAST dbz blu-ray release for a very long time?

  • Hello DBZ fans I have a big question that has been bothering me. I recently watched a youtube video on a review for season 5 blu-ray and the guy in the video said that Funimation claimed that the new DBZ season sets were the last blu-ray release they would make for DBZ. Now I know there is a possibility of releasing DBZ again in say 10 years but did Funi really say that as far as they know right now these current season sets are all we will get for blu-ray? If that is the case then really I am fine with it. I love the Faulconer track and it's great that they amped up the audio so you can hear it better and I love both dubs (the Funi and Japanese) the same and I have watched sooo many reviews and looked at comparison shots that the cropping for this does not bother me. NOW THE ORANGE BRICKS IS ANOTHER STORY. My other question is will the slip covers always be available for this? Since Funi has a reputation for canceling their DBZ sets I am waiting until all 9 are released and will pick them up as soon as set 9 hits the shelves. I'm sure sets like 6,7, or 8 will have the slipcover but will sets like 1 or 2 and 3 have them? I ask because slipcovers come when releases come out but after awhile if you find it in the store or buy it online most movies and stuff don't have their slipcover anymore and I think theses sets look better with a slipcover it just makes them bigger and have more of a ta-da feel idk why I fell this way I just like my slipcover :) I can't find the answers to these anywhere. Perhaps some of you could help me?

  • FUNimation has said absolutely nothing of the sort. That guy was probably just talking out his butt.

    As long as it continues to sell as well as it does, I see no reason why FUNi wouldn't keep printing DBZ in new editions for years and years to come. It's the golden goose as far as anime goes, after all. They'd honestly be foolish not to.

    As far as slipcovers go, if you're honestly worried about it, then I suggest picking up the first three sets right now. The way the pictures work is that they're split up in three different panaromas across 9 releases, so 3-3-3 in other words.

    And honestly, as well as these sets have been selling for them (despite all the negative press), I really wouldn't worry about them canceling the release halfway through.

  • Thanks :) I will!!!!

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