Air Gear

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    Genres: comedy, drama, tournament
    Themes: sports
    Objectionable content: Significant

    SYNOPSIS: Welcome to the world of Storm Riders, where motor-powered inline skates called "Air Trecks" take extreme sports to a whole new level. Those who dare to ride with these high tech devices risk life and limb in a struggle for fame, power and wings to take to the sky.
    Enter Ikki Minami, the toughest fighter on the east side of town. He rules his school, takes on violent gangs single-handedly and lives with the Noyamanos: four sexy sisters with a surprising secret. And after a humiliating defeat by a terrifying gang of Storm Riders, the sisters welcome him to the world of Air Trecks, where his strength, speed and ambitions soar to brand new heights.
    Now, with powerful new wings, he must protect his friends, his school and his pride in fierce Air Treck battles known as "Parts Wars." One mistake could cost him everything, but each victory brings him one step closer to becoming the king of the sky.

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    Air Gear DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - S.A.V.E. Edition

    Contains episodes 1-25 plus the bonus episode "Special Trick."

    Special Features: Textless Opening, Textless Closing, Trailers.

    Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

  • does anyone know if they are going to continue the series or do a redo?

  • If they were going to continue it, they would have already done it.

  • That's what i figured but i didn't think it would hurt to ask, but i wish they would because i loved the show

  • I know I'd like another season of this anime and you know what's crazy if (just stating off of the statistics I know of the U.S. not saying other countries shouldn't help out too lol) 15 people in each city of the U.S. would buy one copy of this s.a.v.e. deal, there would be enough funds to make a whole other season (containing 26-33 episodes) of this anime with average quality (on a scale of 1 to 10 based off of naruto shippuden's episode quality as of 2015 each episode made would average out to be a rating of a 5 which is pretty good). So all you go to do is buy a copy and get 14 friends (or any random people) to buy a copy in your city. Then people in other city's would just have to do the same (it's not hard since most cities have at least a population of 1000 or more people). It's not much of a hassle for another season I know I'm willing to show support by buying a copy, just saying. Well if you want support with funds for another season of this anime (or any anime) share this instead of wasting time on the typing.

  • Also there are 3 other episodes of a season 2 for air gear that were made

  • Where do you go to watch those episodes?

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